The Myth of the No-Points Ticket

Many people get tickets for motor vehicle moving violations. The most common moving violations range from 2 to 4 points. The driver's first thought is how can I get out of the points, because points lead to two unhappy results, the possibility of a loss of license if the total number of points in a given period of time is too high, and the possibility of an increase in insurance charges. One answer is the New Jersey Statutes Annotated, Title 39:4. 97-2, no points plea to unsafe driving. Of course, there is the small matter of the state's $250 surcharge which is the price a driver must pay to get out of the points. But, does anyone ever consider that maybe the better deal is to take the 2 points, pay the small fine associated with the violation, and save the $250.

Why would this be a better option? Because many insurance companies do not raise the rates of their long time customers for just 2 points. Therefore, the better option is to call your automobile insurance company and find out what their policy is regarding 2 point tickets for moving violations. In the event that they say that they do not raise rates for a 2 point ticket, then consider simply paying the fine for the violation, plus the court costs, and save the $250.

The law in New Jersey is that a driver can have only 2 no-points tickets in a five year period. And, as a result of recent case law from the state's high court, that five year period starts with the most recently received ticket and counts back five years. Therefore, some people who assume that if their oldest ticket is five years old, they can still use a no pointer for a third ticket, will be very disappointed to find that may not be the case.

Of course, if the ticket carries more than 2 points, try to get it reduced to a 2 point ticket and go from there.

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