Expungements Can Be Life-Changing

Having a criminal record has an impact well after you have paid the fines and served the time. Any time a background check is run, you may find yourself unable to get a job, get a loan, buy a house or volunteer your time. This can no doubt be frustrating, and you may find yourself feeling helpless and wondering if anything can be done. In some cases, even the dismissal of a charge on your record may affect you negatively.

Fortunately, for a variety of criminal charges on your record, expungement may be possible. Expungement is the removal or sealing of those charges, meaning they are hidden when things like background checks are completed.

Exploring Every Possibility

I am attorney Susan C. Cassel. At my firm, the Law Office of Susan C. Cassell, I provide a wide variety of criminal defense services, including expungements. The expungement process can be overly difficult and time-consuming, even with the assistance of a lawyer. Even so, if it means getting your life back on track, it is worth pursuing.

When you come to my office, I will sit down with you personally to discuss your situation. I will candidly advise you on what is possible and how I can help you. Unfortunately, not all charges are eligible for expungement (sexual assault, kidnapping and others). However, I am always willing to explore every opportunity for every individual that walks into my firm. I treat everyone with dignity and respect, and you can expect that, no matter what services you are seeking.

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Expungements can be life-changing for you if you have been convicted of a crime or have a charge on your record. Explore the possibility of this process with me in my Bergen County, New Jersey, office. Schedule a consultation with me today by calling 201-445-3894. You can also send an email.

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