Are You Facing Alcohol-Related Charges?

There is no question that drinking alcohol can lead to dangerous and reckless behavior. While most people who choose to drink — whether in a bar, a restaurant or at a party — are able to do so in moderation and while maintaining control, drinking too much and becoming impaired can lead to being charged with crimes involving alcohol.

I'm Susan C. Cassell, Esq., and at my practice in Bergen County, New Jersey, I assist adults and minors who are facing alcohol-related offenses in municipal court. As a former prosecuting attorney, I handled many alcohol-related cases; I now use that experience on behalf of people charged with municipal violations, particularly those involving alcohol.

Misdemeanor Charges, But Serious Long-Term Effects

While many cases involving alcohol are classified as misdemeanors, this does not mean they are inconsequential. In fact, being convicted of an alcohol-related offense can have a big impact on your educational opportunities, your employment and your life in general.

I assist people involved in cases such as:

Public intoxication. Law enforcement officers may believe that you are putting yourself or others in danger as a result of being intoxicated.

Possession of an open alcoholic beverage. Having an open container will frequently lead to a citation.

Underage drinking. Minors at Bergen County's colleges and universities, as well as our county's dozens of high schools, could face serious consequences for an underage drinking violation.

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